Welcome to the Titanic Hotel and Casino ! Over 885 feet long,

11 stories high and weighing over 46,000 tons. Like a floating palace, this magnificent

wonder is here for the world to see and experience. With its majestic presence alone,

guests will absolutely marvel at the sheer size and magnitude

of this historical ocean liner! Climb aboard the gangplank for an adventure of a lifetime!

Our guests can enjoy the experience of staying aboard one of the

ships 1200 state-rooms & owning one of the 600 state of the art condominium

replicated with the authenticity of early 1912. They can also

enjoy all night gambling in the exclusive Titanic Casino .

 Newlyweds can have the most memorable experience by having their

ceremony and reception held in the Titanic Chapel .

At the Titanic Restaurant & Buffet TM, guests can

experience the ambiance of dining at the Captains Table

in the ships exclusive dining room. With overtones of

mahogany, oak and historical artifacts, one can't help but

feel as if they have stepped back in time.

Titanic Hotel and Casino :